Youth explores robotics through 4-H


Area youth recently took part in 4-H Robot­ics Challenge during 4-H Day at the State Fair in Jackson. The event gave participants the oppor­tunity to explore basic computer science con­cepts while interacting with Dash, a fun and en­gaging robot designed to inspire kids to cre­atively code and prob­lem solve.

“One of the main goals of our 4-H Robotics pro­gram is to teach essen­tial skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and cre­ativity, in addition to computer science,” said Malikah Jones, Kemper County Extension Agent and County Coordinator. As part of the experi­ence, teams completed fair themed challenges that included program­ming robots to corral cattle, parade the mid­way, and make a circle around the Ferris wheel.

“It was Kemper’s very first time participating in a robotics event, and it was fun to see the kids rise to each challenge. They each learned so much as they all worked together to program Dash,” said Jones.

For more information on robotics opportuni­ties or to volunteer, please visit Kemper County Extension Office at 587 Old Scooba Road in DeKalb or call 601-743-2837.

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