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How AI Systems Create National Security Risks

(NewsUSA) - AI systems continue to enable a range of economic, social, and defense opportunities. However, the same AI characteristics that allow for new and transformative opportunities also …

Staying Cool and Energy Efficient in America’s New Multigenerational Hybrid Home

(NewsUSA) - Homeowners are facing the latest post-COVID reality resulting from the confluence of two mounting trends that together threaten to financially and physically “put the squeeze” on …

Keeping the U.S. Ahead in Biotech

(NewsUSA) - The United States continues to lead in biotechnology investments and remains home to the large majority of the world’s leading biotechnology companies and innovators, but other …

What the brands you love are doing to keep your data safe
(BPT) - Nearly one in four people recently shared they would rather give up chocolate for the rest of their lives than be subjected to … Read More
9 in 10 small businesses use tech platforms—here are the most common types
Nextiva identified the top types of tech platforms small businesses use based on a 2022 survey from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Read More
Don’t let cybercrime shutter your small business
(BPT) - The expanded use of technology offers big benefits for businesses. Without the right safeguards, it also means more … Read More
Innovating for the Future Through Collaboration
(BPT) - Technology advancements are the drivers of our global community. They have and continue to pave the way to the future. With … Read More
Reproductive health care and data privacy: What we know, what we don't, and how to protect yourself
Stacker investigated how data privacy and access to reproductive health care intersect using a variety of news sources and consulting … Read More
How design has helped the rebirth of a 100-year-old American brand
(BPT) - When you think of the most important, influential companies in America, the first image that may pop into your head is their … Read More
How computing technology has evolved in the classroom
EDsmart consulted a variety of news, education, and technology industry sources to trace how computing technology used in classrooms … Read More
5 tips to find the best deals on gifts for Mom, Dad and your favorite grad
(BPT) - If it seems like you're searching for a lot of gifts this time of year, it's not your imagination. Between Mother’s Day, … Read More
IT professionals: Boost mental wellness with these 5 proactive tips
(BPT) - No matter your exact role in an organization, especially in small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), workdays can be … Read More
Where laid-off tech workers are going
The tech sector is shedding talent—but where are those people going? Stacker analyzed big tech departures with the help of Revelio … Read More
Don’t Be Fooled: 5 Red Flags to Look for When Online Shopping
(BPT) - During seasonal and promotional holidays, many people make purchases online, which increases their risk of accidentally … Read More
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How the 'TikTok ban' and other social media legislation could restrict internet use
Stacker investigated how the so-called "TikTok ban" and other proposed social media and data regulations could restrict internet use. Read More
A short history of cybersecurity and the data breaches that forced the world to pay attention to data privacy
Drata reviewed the most impactful cybercrimes and their consequences to evaluate how public perception toward cybersecurity has … Read More
5 ways that technology can help you stay ahead of cybercriminals
(BPT) - When Hari Ravichandran's identity was stolen, he was disappointed by the lack of an option for simple, all-in-one, proactive … Read More
Beware the Hidden Power of TikTok
(By S. Phillips) - The era of digital geopolitical competition has arrived, and the widespread use of personal electronic devices, … Read More
What lies ahead for ChatGPT
(NewsUSA) - ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. Since its release in November 2022, OpenAI’s chatbot has scored a 1020 on the … Read More

The future of aviation is driven by innovation across passenger well-being, sustainability and beyond

(BPT) - The aviation industry drives around 5% of U.S. GDP — the equivalent of $1.25 trillion in 2022. The industry creates innovative and rewarding roles for some 8 million people across the …

10 groundbreaking inventions and the women who created them

Stacker scoured the internet to highlight 10 groundbreaking inventions and celebrate the women who created them.

How the Lightning Network can help startups close the cash flow gap
(BPT) - Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is top of mind for many businesses. However, for startups and small to medium-size businesses … Read More
Shopping's future unveiled: What consumers want and what retailers need to do
(BPT) - Shopping today is a vastly different experience than it has been historically. Now, you can go to the store or shop online … Read More
From satellite to streaming: 5 tech trends to watch
(BPT) - It seems like every day we hear about a new technology that will improve some part of our lives — from AI at work to smart … Read More
Emerging tech, explained
(S. Phillips) -  What does the technology of the future look like? Batteries made of molten salt, fusion energy, 6G networks, … Read More
5 products you can save on by purchasing online
(BPT) - More Americans are shopping online than ever before. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, e-commerce sales increased … Read More

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