In the Garden

In the Garden with Felder Rushing

Live and learn, Eh? And sometimes relearn, which happened last week when I made a critical error when applying a natural insecticide. 

In the Garden with Felder Rushing Got clutter? Maybe from making myself stay so busy while cooped up in it for over a year, but my garden is starting to get to me. 
In the Garden with Felder Rushing Maybe it’s just anecdotal but, after such a harsh winter, but either we’ve forgotten what happens every spring, or the roses actually do seem fuller and prettier this year. At least those that thrive in Mississippi’s harsh climate do.
In the Garden with Felder Rushing Got good dirt? Count your blessings, or play as best you can with the hand you’re dealt. 
In the Garden with Felder Rushing Rain or shine, a small statue of a hooded man stands sentinel over my garden, reminding me of the billions of gardeners who have shared vegetables, herbs, and flowers with others. 

In the Garden with Felder Rushing

You know that cringey feeling when someone attends a wedding wearing something so flashy it takes away from the bride’s glory? Same thing happens when azaleas erupt into eye-popping bloom. 

In the Garden with Felder Rushing

My first strong memory of our childhood lawn was vowing to “not have any grass to mow when I grow up.” And I don’t.

In the Garden with Felder Rushing

It’s legal to gamble in the garden, which is good because I just threw money, effort, and hope at some tomato plants.  

In the Garden with Felder

This time of year, it’s ups and downs, temperatures jerking from 70 one day to 30s the next. It’s the season weather forecasters can only shrug sheepishly.

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