Wildcats escape warriors in final seconds


The Kemper County Wildcats barely escaped the Nanih Waiya Warriors last Thursday, however the visitors showed who they were and came from behind to win 34-28, finishing the season undefeated in division.

As the game started it ap­peared the Wildcats were going to destroy the Warriors, how­ever as the game progressed, things became a little more in­teresting.

The Wildcats started off with a six-yard run into the end zone from Aaron Steele. Later on their next drive, Nanih Waiya’s Hagan Halfacre intercepted the ball. After the Warriors long drive, Rico Moore took off for a 31-yard run but was brought to the ground. However, I don’t think anyone watching the game realized Jakylan Bourrage had ripped the ball out of Moore’s hands, recovering the fumble. On the Wildcats next drive, Dicenzo Miller, Jr. ran the ball in for a five-yard touch­down. At the end of the first, the Wildcats led the Warriors 14-0.

On their first drive of the sec­ond quarter, the Wildcat quar­terback avoided multiple sacks and made a Johnny Manziel-like throw to Aidian Bourrage for a 33-yard touchdown, bringing the lead to 20. On the kickoff, the Wildcats recovered an unin­tentional onside kick, but could not convert on offense.

The Wildcats had trouble stopping the run all game. On the following NW drive, after multiple dominant runs by Moore and Kendon Sanders, Sanders ran the ball in for a 20-yard touchdown, cutting the lead to 14. On the next drive Moore scored from six yards away. After an onside kick, the Warriors scored on the drive, a drive which lasted nearly six minutes. Halfacre’s touchdown followed by Moore’s conversion tied the game at 20.

The Wildcats were ready how­ever after not having an offen­sive possession in the third quarter. Miller. pushed it in from two yards out, but a failed con­version kept the margin at 6. The Warriors battled down the field and with 59 seconds left Rico Moore scored a five yard touchdown to tie it, and a con­version to take the lead.

But everyone knows what the Wildcat offense can do, Imme­diately, Aaron Steele took off down the sideline for a 40 yard run, and only two plays later, he launched it up to Heaven Cole­man for a 26 yard touchdown to take a 34-28 lead.

After some incomplete passes, Coleman sealed the deal with an interception as time expired.

“They brought a good game plan and we found a way to win,” said KCHS coach Dicenzo Miller.

The Wildcats hold a number one seed and will host Collins at EMCC this Friday. “It's a one-game season”, says Miller, “We gotta play Kemper County foot­ball.”

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