Supes table motion to fix roof


By Steve Swogetinsky

The Kemper Messenger

The Kemper County board of supervisors took care of routine business during Monday’s meeting.

Supervisors voted to:

• Approve the minutes to the January meetings, the claims docket and the county payroll.

• Approve the purchase of a tag for a 2021 Chevrolet truck for $12;

• Approve the appraisal report of the former Super Dollar  Store real property;

• Approve an order accepting the meal log for the Kemper• Neshoba Regional Correctional Facility for the month of January. Supervisors also approved all expenses incurred by the sheriff’s department during the month of January;

• Tabled a motion concerning the repair of the roof for the Kemper Springs Community Center;

• Approve an order for Air Management for maintenance work on Units 4 and 5 at Emilia Resources for amount of $4,900;

• Approve membership dues for 2021 annual for $200 per supervisor for Supervisors for Minority Caucus;

• Approve an order declaring February 15 as President’s Day as a county holiday.

• Approve an order hiring Margaret Ann Jackson as deputy circuit clerk; and,

• Approve an order hiring Linda Edwards as deputy receiving clerk.

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