Summer Staycation Ideas


Summer is upon us. The long awaited break from school can mean a quick get­away or some much needed time at home. If you want to do some­thing fun but you are not ready for a major vacation yet, there are some fun and inexpen­sive things that you and your kids can do right here in Kemper County.


Sweet tea and warm weather are synonymous with southern living. So, this summer break why not host a tea or garden party? Pick a spot like your yard or flower garden. Make some finger foods like mini-sandwiches or cook­ies and chips. Don’t forget the tea or lemonade. Then, invite over a few friends or not and enjoy.


The warm days of late spring and early summer are ideal for a nature walk. So, grab your bottled water, some bug spray, and head off on a nature adventures. Just be sure to check the weather and the area. Most importantly, let someone else know where you are go.


Grab a pole and head out on a quick fishing trip. Fish­ing can be a relaxing ad­venture this time of the year. Kemper Lake can provide an ideal spot for fishing or simply relaxing while admiring the areas scenic beauty.


Now is a great time to start a Gratitude Journal. While you are re­laxing and enjoy­ing some much needed time away from work, you can also spend some time reflect­ing upon all of the things that you are grateful for. You don’t have to spend a whole lot of money on a large, fancy journal. You can use a table you purchase from one of our local stores.


Have you thought about starting a blog? Well, now is the time to do just that. Take this time to find a hosting site that you like and go ahead and create your own WordPress blog. You can do this as a way to express your feelings and ideas, or if you are consid­ering making blogging a career, take this time to do some research and go for it.


Whether you decide to use your camera or your smartphone, you can start a Summer Photo Journal. Simple take some pictures of your favorite summer things like flowers, birds, or other greenery here in Kemper County. You can either print the pictures or create a digital journal. Jot down a few memorable things about your pictures. Now, you have created a beautiful summer photo journal that you can share.

If you are staying home this Summer Break, you can still find some fun things to do right here in our county. Happy Sum­mer Break!

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