Share your outdoors photos with others


The second edition of the Kemper County Messenger’s outdoors page, sponsored by Latimer’s Grocery, is set to run in next week’s edition of the paper.

One of the main items we would like to include each month is photos of the wild game you harvest and fish you catch.

One of the most-enjoyed features of any good local newspaper is reader-submitted photos. If you have photos of any deer, turkeys, wild hogs, etc. that you have harvested please e-mail them for us to use at either or Please include a description of the photo, who is in it, and where it was taken. The more information provided, the better the photo can be explained to our readers. You can’t possibly tell us too much about your photo.

This isn’t just for hunters and fishermen. If you enjoy hiking, or are just a nature lover by heart, any outdoors-oriented photos will be considered.

This is available for fishing photos as well.

If you have an interesting outdoors story you would like to share wit others just e-mail Austin Bishop at or send a text to 601-938-2471. While we would love to write about what you are doing, we would also like for you to submit your own stories to be published.

The photos aren’t limited to this year. If you have a photo from the past you would like to share, send it on in and we will run it as soon as possible.

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