Several appropriation bills passed by State House


This was the eighth week of the 2022 Legislative Ses­sion. Wednesday, Feb. 23 marked the deadline for original floor action on House appropriations and revenue bills. The Appro­priations committee con­sidered most budget bills last week, but the Ways and Means committee took up several revenue bills to meet this week’s deadline.

The Pregnancy Resource Act (House Bill 1685) would authorize a tax credit for individuals or businesses who donate money to a nonprofit that operates as a crisis pregnancy center. The bill passed with a bi­partisan vote of 115-0.

House Bill 1530 would provide bond money to match federal funds in the Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund. HB 1530 passed 112-8 and has been sent to the Senate.

House Bill 1564 would authorize county or munic­ipal leaders to grant a par­tial ad valorem tax exemption for nonresiden­tial property that is being converted to residential property. The bill passed unanimously by a vote of 119-0.

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