Senator Jackson updates on legislative work


The senate proposed a $6.15 billion total state support budget that contains $2.56 billion for K-12 education.

It proposed $663.5 million for Institutions of Higher Learning and $232 million for community and junior colleges.

The budget proposed a $6.4 million transfer from the Department of Finance and Administration to the Department of Public Safety to facilitate transferring authority over the Capitol Police force to the state’s chief law enforcement agency.

The passage of Senate Bill 2895would allow a downward adjustment of ad valorem taxes in Chickasaw and Tunica counties for proposed alternative energy production projects worth at least $100 million. Chickasaw is eyeing a solar production project and Tunica is the proposed location for a wind generated energy project.

Our passage of House Bill 1302 would allow sufficiently trained optometrists to perform a greater range of medical services like removing small growths or lesions, “needle drainage of eyelid abscesses, hematoma, bulla and seroma.” Proponents think the increased medical ability could cause more optometrists to practice in Mississippi.

We passed a Rules calendar honoring Mississippians who have achieved, and we made certain board appointments.

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