Scooba mayor pleased with roadwork


Scooba Mayor Craig Nave. was proud to show off the work that has been done on several streets in his community. 

Nave expressed his deep appreciation to Kemper County District 1 Supervisor Pat Granger and the entire Kemper County Board of Supervisors.The mayor noted that the improvements were needed, but something the town couldn’t do on its own. 

With funds being received from the Mississippi Power Company plant, the Kemper County Board of Supervisors has been working to refurbish and pave roads throughout the county. Most of the construction has been using bituminous surface treatment or liquid asphalt with a stone embedded in it to provide a water proof surface on a stabilized base. However, in Scooba and DeKalb, a number of the roads have had asphalt overlays. An overlay is better when there is a lot of cars turning into driveways, parking lots, etc. 

This summer, all or part of five streets in Scooba were paved. This work included portions of Second and Third Street, Bill Buckner Street, James Granger Street and Sanders Street. A total of approximately 1.1 miles of street was paved at a cost of almost $148,000. 

The contract for this work included a fuel adjustment provision. With the increase in petroleum prices, this fuel adjustment increased the estimated price of the asphalt by almost 16 percent.  

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