Scooba mayor, aldermen sworn in


The town of Scooba’s mayor and aldermen were sworn in Tuesday night though their terms of office won’t officially start until July 1.

Craig N. Nave Sr. was sworn in for his first full-term as mayor. He was elected as an alderman in 2017, and became mayor when the post opened in 2019.

Members of the board of aldermen are Kelvin Brown, Ward 1, Kenneth Sparks, Ward 2, Sarah Buie, Ward 3, Chris Collins, Ward 4, and Rodney Woodards, Ward 5. All ran unopposed as independents.

Nave was born and raised in Scooba. He graduated from Kemper County High School. He went on to finish at East Mississippi Community College and then Mississippi State University with business administration degree.

“Scooba is my home,” said Nave, who is employed by East Mississippi Electric Power Association. “I have always loved politics and I have always thought I could make the changes I wanted to see if I got a chance.

“I love Scooba and the people here. I thought I could do a good job with it. I was elected alderman. Then the job kind of fell in my lap when the previous mayor resigned. I have enjoyed the last two years. We have made improvements and have a good relationship with East Mississippi Community College.”

Nave said he is set to continue his agenda for Scooba and Kemper County.

“The biggest thing on my agenda right now is to make sure our children have somewhere they could go for recreation,” Nave said. “Then I want to beautify the town and clean up the town,” Nave said. “There are things that need to get done.

“Of course, we want to improve on our water system.  We are excited that the natural gas line is being built and will be coming to Scooba. I hope it highlight our town. We will be able to work with the county, the school and the board that is over that gas line. Hopefully, that will mean economic development opportunities.”

Nave said that he was pleased that youth baseball is again being played in Scooba. A tornado tore up the concession stand seven years ago. Youth teams from Scooba have continued to play but not in Scooba.

“Our fields were abandoned for the last seven years,” Nave said. “This year, the supervisors gave us $5,000 and we were able to rebuild the concession stand. Volunteers and different groups came in and helped.

“People are really enjoying coming out to the games. You can come out, enjoy a hot dog or a piece of pizza and watch the game. We have worked closely with the little league baseball officials to make sure our kids have some recreation.”

The first home games were this past Friday night. There are around 60 children participating in the program. The players start in T-ball and go through coach pitch and then the 12 and 13-year-old youth teams. The teams play two or three nights a week.

Nave also said the town has built a walking trail near the field where people could get out and get some exercise.

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