Rams looking to find fight against Calhoun Aca.


After a long series of games against much larger teams than themselves, the Kemper Academy Rams finally took on a team that was similar to themselves in roster size Thursday as they hosted Columbus Christian. 

The Rams struggled offensively and defensively dropping a 50-0 decision to Columbus. “I did not see this coming,” Head Coach Steve Cheatham said, “We could not catch a break.” Cheatham referred to the win over Discovery Christian where the Rams caught multiple breaks, with forcing turnovers and making big plays. “I don’t know if we lost our fight,” he said, “This is the first time that I don't think they competed for four quarters.” Cheatham has credited his team every week for showing fight until the end. 

Cheatham says the Rams have a lot of work to do before next Friday’'s matchup at Calhoun Academy. Cheatham says there will be a lot of personnel changes made in practice this week. “It may not be a popular decision,” Cheatham says, “ If I don't make the changes, I am doing them an injustice.” Cheatham plans on moving some players around on the offensive line, along with some position changes. Cheatham also says there is a lot of work to be done mentally this week. “We have got to change the mentality,” he said. 

Calhoun is a team that will also be on the Rams level. They have the Rams beat when it comes to numbers however they are much smaller than the other teams KA has faced, such as Christian Collegiate and Porters Chapel. The Rams will have to bring their old fight back out on Friday against Calhoun. The Rams are now down an impact player, as WR/K and defensive force, Thomas Mattox went down with a lower body injury on Friday night. 

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