Old DeKalb Scooba Road bridge closed


The Federal Highway Ad­ministration requires that all publicly owned bridges in the United States be period­ically inspected. Standard bridges in Kemper County are inspected by the County Engineer. Complex bridges are inspected by specialty consultants. Complex struc­tures include concrete bridges built on timber pil­ing.

The bridge on the Old DeKalb Scooba Road over Burke Branch was con­structed in 1979. The origi­nal construction involved precast concrete compo­nents on timber piling. Re­grettably, on February 24, the Board of Supervisors was advised by one of the specialty consultants that timber piling supporting the bridge have deteriorated and the structure is no longer capable of safely car­rying traffic. In conformance with State and Federal law, the bridge is being closed.

Last year, the Board real­ized this structure was in de­teriorated condition. Funds appropriated by the State Legislature were approved for use in replacing this bridge with a new concrete structure. Plans for the work have been completed. The Environmental Assessment documents are being re­viewed by the Corps of En­gineers. With this work being completed, the addi­tional right-of-way required for the construction can be obtained. It is anticipated work on this bridge and a second structure on Old Scooba Road will be per­formed this summer.

Board President and Dis­trict 1 Supervisor Pat Granger said, “We regret this bridge is being closed but are pleased the plans have been developed for re­placing it. We apologize for the inconvenience this is going to cause the public but are going to expedite the project as much as pos­sible. Finally, the Board of Supervisors wants to thank Senator Rod Hickman and Representative Michael Evans for supporting the LSBP program.”

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