No KCHS Playoff Tickets Sold At Gate


By direction of the Mis­sissippi High School Activ­ities Association (MHSAA) all tickets to this week’s playoff football games must be purchased through, includ­ing Kemper County’s home match-up on Friday night with Collins in the first round of the MHSAA Class 3A Playoffs.

“This is something they started last year because of COVID and they are keeping it in place,” said KCHS acting athletic di­rector Jackie Jackson. She noted that there will be no cash at the gate and the only way to pay for a ticket was either through an app on your phone or online.

“It’s usually well re­ceived by the younger crowd, but some of older patrons have some trou­ble with it,” Jackson said. She noted that once a person gained admittance to the game they would be able to purchase their concession stand items in there traditional way.

The tickets for the game are $8, but Jackson noted that buyers should be ex­pecting a handling charge to be added to the cost of the ticket.

She said buyers could download the tickets on their phone or could print them off if they are pur­chased on-line.

“If someone buys tickets and don’t go to the game, they should be able to get a refund,” Jackson said.

She noted that this was used for the MHSAA State Basketball Tourna­ment in Jackson last year as well.

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