New Teachers welcomed at CTE as part of awesome October


The month of October has slipped away from us, but the John C. Stennis Career and Tech­nical Center (CTE) has been very busy accomplishing great things during the month of October.

First of all, we would like to wel­come all our new teachers here at the Career and Tech center. They include Mr. Kenny Rush (Law and Public Safety), Mr. Leonardo Thompson (Work Based Learn­ing), and Mr. George White (Con­struction). They are certainly adding many new things to our center, and we have successfully added many new students this year at our center.

We had a lot of activities, learn­ing opportunities and growth in the month of October, and here is an overview of the month of October for CTE:

Drug Free Month and Red Rib­bon Week info – Red Ribbon Week is celebrated each year to make students aware of the im­portance of staying drug free and living healthy lives. Our students got to participate in activities on campus during the week of Octo­ber 25-29, 2021.

Fall Decorations and Commu­nity Service for CTE – Mr. Brock Rogers, Student Services Coordi­nator, along with the students of Mr. Joe Coleman, Horticulture and Forestry Instructor, were in­volved in a fall “spruce-up” and fall decoration project of our cam­pus.

The front beds at the vocational center were cleaned, and many of the bushes were trimmed, along with new mulch being added. Students also decorated the front of the main office at CTE with a fresh variety of orange, green and white pumpkins, hay bales, or­ange and yellow mums and scare­crows, all to welcome the fall and Halloween season to CTE. We would like to thank Mr. Coleman, Mr. Rogers, and his mother, Mrs. Kathy Rogers, as well as the Hor­ticulture and Forestry students for aesthetically providing a fresh look to our campus, with fall dec­orations as a nice addition to our fall season here at CTE!

Trunk or Treat Event/Commu­nity Service Project/Candy do­nated by Organizations and Clubs from CTE – CTE Teachers and Student Organizations were delighted to take part and do­nate numerous bags of candy and goodies during the community Trunk or Treat event sponsored by the Town of Scooba and Mayor Craig Nave. This event was held on Saturday, October 30, 2021 in downtown Scooba.

HOSA Fall Leadership Confer­ence – Mrs. Sherry Clemons’ HOSA organization and Health Sciences students traveled to Pascagoula, Miss., for the annual HOSA Fall Leadership Confer­ence. We are excited what new ideas the Health Sciences stu­dents have to bring back to our vocational center.

Student Volunteer of the Month for October – Our Volunteer of the Month was Ms. Rodezah Smith from our Forestry Depart­ment. Rodezah earned bragging rights as the volunteer of the month for her hard work and dedication to the center. She par­ticipated and assisted during a fundraiser project that took place after school hours. She devoted her time, energy and passion to making sure this project was suc­cessful. We appreciate her efforts and hard work with our Chicken Tender fundraiser.

Forestry Classes Tree Markoff Project – Mr. Joe Coleman’s Forestry classes also were in­volved in a tree mark-off project, in which trees were marked with red paint. All of Mr. Coleman’s Forestry classes were involved in going out and marking off trees to cut. These marked trees are going to be eventually cut for the new elementary school that will be going up very soon in Kemper County.

Students/Teacher of the Month - Each month at John C. Stennis Career and Technical Center, we like to recognize one student from each program/department for their achievements at CTE and honor them as our students of the month. For the month of October, CTE would like to rec­ognize the following students as students of the month:

  • Zavion Hill – Counseling De­partment
  • Kamyra Brown – Student Serv­ices Department/Early Childhood
  • Sha’Kanye Darden – Construc­tion
  • Elijah Jackson – Work-Based Learning
  • Jashunti Jenkins – Welding
  • Krystal Jenkins – Law & Public Safety
  • Braylee Johnson – Health Sci­ence
  • Colton Kynerd – Forestry

We also take pride in giving em­ployee recognition as well. Our employee of the month is Mr. Kenny Rush, our Law and Public Safety Instructor. This is Mr. Rush’s first year at CTE, and he is doing an amazing job with our Law and Public Safety students.

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