Local Nurse Receives Highest Honor


Kemper County Health Department Nurse, Min­nie Johnson, recently received one of the highest honors a nurse could receive. She was chosen as the Mary D. Osborne Public Health Nurse of the Year. This award recognizes the nurse who has demonstrated commitment to his/her community and provided quality service to her patients ina public health care setting such as the local health department.

Minnie Johnson has worked at the Kemper County Health Department for 32 years. While there,she had helped provide service to our many community members. Mrs. Johnson was nomi­nated by her coworkers for her determination to continue to service the public.

In November of last year, Johnson became crit­ically ill with Covid-19 and nearly lost her life. She spent weeks in the hospital on a ventilator, and her fellow public health care workers were sure that she would retire if she survived the ordeal. How­ever, after her recovery, Johnson returned to work at the Kemper County Health Department where she continues to serve her community.

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