KCLE celebrates student excellence


The Kemper County Lower Elementary PTO and Armistad Law Form were pleased to announce the Fall advanced third grade students in Reading and Math. 

Ea’Niyah Jackson and Lauren Walker were ad- vanced in both Reading and Math. Emillee Grace scored advanced in Read- ing while Caden Parks and Mar’darius Rush were ad- vanced in Math. These stu- dents accomplished this goal on the first bench- mark of the school year. 

The benchmark assess- ment is given each nine weeks to prepare students for the end of year state MAAP test. These stu- dents are proving they are prepared to take their as- sessments and meet all of the requirements neces- sary to be promoted to fourth grade. All parents of third grade students are encouraged to work with teachers to prepare their students for the task ahead. KCLE third grade teachers are offering tutor- ing sessions in the after- noon. 

Armistad Law Firm and KCLE PTO teamed up to provide these students with $25 Books-A-Million Cards for accomplishing this goal early in the school year and to inspire other students to strive for ex- cellence. On Friday, Dec. 3, Dr. Jeri Cawthorn, Principal of KCLE, presented stu- dents with the gift cards and certificates of excel- lence. 

The students also will have their very own poster with their accomplish- ments on the Wall of Fame on their hall. Dr. Cawthorn encourages all parents to make efforts now to reach out to teachers and learn how everyone can work to- gether to ensure all third grade students are pre- pared for the end of year testing. 

The winter benchmark will be given prior to the holiday break. Administra- tors, teachers, and stu- dents are excited to see who will join this elite group. Please encourage ALL students PreK-12 to always do their very best on their quarterly assess- ments so they will be pre- pared for state testing in the spring. 

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