Hurricane leaves little damage in Kemper


What was Category 4 Hurricane Ida passed over Kemper County Monday night dumping rain but leaving minor damage.

Schools were closed on Monday while the storm passed through but re-opened on Tuesday.   

Emergency operation director Ben Dudley said Kemper County seemed to fare well.

“We have some spotty power outages but by and large, they are back on,” Dudley said. “You have some trees down but nothing major. Road and bridge was working on a downed tree (Tuesday morning). But nothing major.

“We have some places in the county that traditionally floods, some low lying road. We don’t really have any houses that are in danger of flooding.”

Julie Boles, spokeswoman for East Mississippi Electric Power Association said there were some power outages but most were restored by Tuesday.

“We started seeing outages Monday morning, and we had a couple of hundred scattered throughout the day,” Boles said. “Then late in the afternoon, a substation which covers north Kemper County and southern Winston County had an outage and that affected around 1,800 members. We got that on with in a few hours. We have all outages restored Monday night.”

Since, the EMEPA system had around 500 outages because of limbs and trees falling on the lines but most of that was outside of Kemper County.”

EMEPA will be sending a crew to help Magnolia Power Association restore power near McComb.

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