How to Create and Keep a Christmas Spirit


The Christmas season is upon us. It is a time to be spent with family and friends. However, with all the work that goes along with those family gather­ings and shopping for that perfect gift, it can be easy to lose that Christ­mas Spirit. Don’t let yourself get caught up in all hustle and bustle of the season. Here are some simple ways to help create that Christmas feeling.


Turn decorating into a fun ad­venture for you and the whole family this holiday season. Decide together what colors you will use for decorating the home and the Christmas tree. Choose which or­naments will be placed on the tree. These ornaments might fol­low a particular color scheme, or they may be ones that hold a cer­tain sentimental value. If you can’t come to a happy compromise, you might want to consider decorating two separate Christmas trees. You could do a large one for the family and a smaller one for the kids.


With the introduction of Cricket machines and other technology, it has become easier to create indi­vidualized Christmas ornaments. So, this Christmas, you can either create your own ornaments or have them designed. These make great gift ideas and keepsakes.


Christmas is about love and fam­ily. Remind yourself and your fam­ily members why you love each other. Santa has a “Naughty or Nice” List. You can make your own. Create a list of all the “Nice” things that you love about each of your family members and/or friends. Then, share your “Nice List” or “Love Note” with each of your family members. You make it even more festive by placing these on Christmas-themed paper.


Scrapbooks are a part of South­ern life. Create one to help culti­vate that Christmas spirit. You can start with old family photos of Christmas past and add more Christmas photos after this sea­son. Use Christmas colors and/or Christmas paper for the back­ground. And, don’t worry. You are not limited to just red and green for Christmas colors. Mix it up. Use silver, gold, purple, and even baby blues.


Keep the kids happy this Christ­mas with an edible necklace. All this takes is some dried fruit and popcorn. Thread these on a piece of string. Now, you have a Christ­mas-themed necklace that is fun to create and eat on Christmas Day!

Christmas is a time of joy and hope. It is a time to be grateful for the ones we love. Don’t lose that Christmas spirit in all the craziness of shopping and decorating. Cul­tivate a true Christmas attitude by doing some fun activities with family and friends.

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