FIRST THINGS FIRST/Make The Messenger About You


A community newspaper needs to be about, well, the community. And that would be you. 

We at the Kemper County Messenger are trying to do our part to fill the paper with things YOU are interested in by writing about the local schools and community events, while also covering the governmental bodies of County. 

But, we simply can’t be everywhere and we most certainly don’t know about everything going on in your community. If you are not sure if we know something is happening, then it means we probably don’t. Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at and ask. 

My vision behind the Messenger has been sim- ple, the people of the community themselves will have a big hand in the product, thus it be- comes personal and more about the readers themselves. 

In this week’s issue of The Kemper County Messenger alone there were five story-length submitted items. That is crucial 

to us being what we want to become as a newspaper. 

There were two the week before, 15 in November, and 16 in October. Those are numbers we would love to increase. 

While I can’t guarantee everything that is submitted will run, give us a chance. 

We are interested in 

your photos — whether it be of hunting or fishing success, a community event, a unique plant, or just something you are proud of. 

I would love to see resi- dents of the various com- munities being writing columns about them- selves and their neigh- bors. We would love to have them from Preston, Porterville, Blackwater, 

Damascus, Scooba, Lynville, etc. Let the people know what’s going on in your community. 

The local churches are a great source of information as are community clubs. If you wonder if you have something worth writing about the answer is likely YES!!! 

Instead of just wondering why the things you know about aren’t in the 

paper, how about helping us share them with others. 

If you wonder how you specifically can help, just text me or give me a call at 601-938-2471 or send me an e-mail at and I will happily lead you down that path! 

Be Blessed! 

Austin Bishop is editor and publisher of the Kem- per County Messenger. He and his wife Barbara took over ownership of the newspaper on Oct. 1, 2021. Bishop, who has worked in the journalism field for 45 years, is also pastor of Great Commission Assembly of God in Philadelphia. He can be reached by email at star- 

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