Seeking Election Results?


If you are looking for an article on the run-off elec­tion for the District 32 spot in the Mississippi State Senate you can check out our Facebook page. We have posted a story there.

Due to early Thanksgiv­ing Holiday printing dead­lines we had to go to press eight hours before the polls closed on Tuesday, so getting those re­sults in this week’s edition of the Kemper County Messen­ger was impossi­ble.

We will have an in-depth article on the results of the election in the Dec. 2 edi­tion of the Messenger.

Those facts, however, don’t hinder me from shar­ing a few important facts about the election.

As I write this column on Monday afternoon, the day before the election, I can’t help but wonder who will be representing Kem­per County in the Missis­sippi State Senate and how they will work for us.

It is important that Kem­per County officials stay in close contact with the win­ner, whether it be Dr. Minh Duong or Rod Hickman. Either way, that person is now our voice in the Senate and a wise group of con­stituents will take full advantage of every opportunity to get to know their new senator and to make deeper connections with him.

One of the keys to the growth of a community, especially in its po­litical influence, is to be able to work with whoever is in the State Legislature. For a portion of Kem­per County’s voters, the “other guy” got elected. But, for the next four years he needs to become “our guy.”

Get to know our State Senator better. Silent voices are rarely heard. Those who share their con­cerns and thoughts with elected officials on a regular basis have a much greater chance to hold influ­ence.

Be knowledgable, be involved, be connected, and be effective.

It is irresponsible to allow your hopes for the future to end on election night, win or lose. No matter who won the election, let’s do our part to make sure Kemper County wins in the long run.

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