Duong cherishes experience of political campaign


Meridian Optometrist Dr. Minh Duong expressed his gratitude to the many supporters who saw him to and through the Special District 32 Senate election runoff on November 23. 

“I was very happy that I made it to the run-off, being this is my first campaign, and I truly appre- ciate all the support I received,” Dr. Duong said. 

Even after the outcome from the November 23 polls, Dr. Duong said running in the elec- tion provided him with many new experiences, including going out into the community to 

speak with citizens all over the region. 

“I learned a lot and met so many good people I would not have met had I not gone through this process,” Dr. Duong said. “I met many voters, supporters, business leaders and politicians, that were instrumental in the de- cisions I made. This opportunity has allowed me to be more open-minded about politics, and I want to thank all of the people who supported me.” 

Dr. Duong looks forward to seeing what Rod Hickman will do with his seat in office. 

“My hope is that Mr. Hickman will do what he says he’s going to do,” Dr. Duong said. “And, if 

he does, we have all still won. If he does then Democracy does prevail, but in order to have the equation fulfill itself, Mr. Hickman has to do a wonderful job of being our senator.” 

Dr. Duong does not regret his decision to run for Senate, and said he said he will continue to call Meridian home and serve the community’s eye care needs. 

“So, now I’ll focus on being the best eye doctor that I can be, and we’ll continue to focus on exceptional customer care at Pri- mary Eyecare of Meridian and at Primary Eyecare South, on grow- ing the business and on creating more jobs,” Dr. Duong said. 

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