DeKalb approves purchase of trash cans


The town of DeKalb ap­proved the purchase of 500 garbage cans during its regular November meeting of the mayor and alderman.

The cans, which are estimated to cost $100 each, would be made available to town resi­dents. The proposal is that those wishing to use the cans would be charged a de­posit that would be added to their water bill until the deposit is met.

DeKalb Mayor Clark Adams said last week that he hoped the pur­chase would be made in January and the cans could be made available as soon as possible. He said the board would likely discuss the time table during the Decem­ber 7 meeting of the mayor and aldermen.

The board has dis­cussed repeatedly that better quality cans need to be used by residents to help reduce damage and to limit the spread of trash.

Also during the No­vember meeting Adams, who is a contractor by trade, discussed with the board the need for a permit for contractors working in the town of Dekalb. No motion was made to move forward on a permit.

Ike Kiefer with the Kemper County Eco­nomic Development Au­thority discussed the upcoming water and sewer lines that will be run from DeKalb to Kemper Crossing, an in­dustrial park which is lo­cated a mile West of town.

The board approved the purchase of four new air-packs for the DeKalb Volunteer Fire Depart­ment. Ben Dudley of Kemper County Emer­gency Management said the old airacks were out­dated and non-compli­ant and need to be replaced.

The board also ap­proved time off for town employees for Thanks­giving and the Friday

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