Cotton acreage increases, exceeding early estimate


Early May delivered fa­vorable weather conditions for most of Mississippi’s cotton producers, allowing them to get their crops in the ground at the ideal time.

“We’re getting close to having 100% of the crop planted,” said Brian Pieral­isi, Mississippi State Univer­sity Extension Service cotton specialist and re­searcher with the Missis­sippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Sta­tion. “I’d say we’re be­tween 90% and 95% planted.

“We haven’t seen that in the last few years because of the weather. But we had two or three weeks of good weather during that optimal planting window between May 1 and 10. A lot of growers were fin­ished by May 10,” he said.

Some acreage in the far north, far south and the Delta account for the un­planted acres as of May 23. Areas in the north and south were a little too dry, while a sandblasting event destroyed some young plants north of Highway 82 in Bolivar and Coahoma Counties.

Pieralisi said he expects those areas to be planted and replanted within the next two weeks.

Overall, the crop looks good, he said.

“Right now, we’re con­centrating on thrips [insect pests], but it’s nothing out of the ordinary,” Pieralisi said. “They can be aggres­sive, but there were a lot of pesticide applications going out in the first couple of weeks after planting. At the three- or four-week stage, we’ll be out of the danger zone on that. And we’re almost there.

“We’re off to a pretty good start. I haven’t heard any major complaints,” he said.

A USDA National Agricul­tural Statistics Service re­port for the week ending May 22 estimates that 52% of the cotton crop has emerged. Sixty-one per­cent of the crop is in good condition, 20% is in fair condition, and 12% is in ex­cellent condition.

Pieralisi said he expects total cotton acreage in the state to surpass the USDA’s projection of 500,000 acres. That estimate is up 11% from the 450,000 acres planted in 2021.

“It looks like we’ll have somewhere between 525,000 and 550,000 acres,” he said. “I don’t have a final count on that yet, but I think we’ll be in that range.”

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