Bizzy B’s: A unique place full of treasures


While she doesn’t have any bear traps for sell at this moment, Virginia Van­derwalker contends you can find many other inter­esting items on display at Bizzy B’s, her consignment shop located in downtown DeKalb.

‘You never know what you might find,” she said. “Most of what you see be­longs to someone else and I am just selling it for them. People just don’t have much time for yard sales anymore, so I take care of it for them.”

Almost everything you see in her shop is being sold on consignment — people bring the items to her and then pay her a per­centage to sell if for them. The exception to that rule are the hunting and fishing items.

Vanderwalker opened the business in 2011 then de­cided to begin selling out­doors-related items in 2014.

The idea was to have something that would in­terest the men. “It really has done well,” she said. “A lot of times the men will hear about it and come by and look, then tell their wives about us.”

While clothes and shoes are the most common items she has in the store — which consists of two downstairs showrooms and one upstairs — she did ac­tually have a vintage bear trap on consignment at one time. As far as hunting and fishing items go, a lot that merchandise is stuff that she is selling retail, al­though some is on consign­ment as well. “Most of the time it’s when people get things they don’t need or buy too much of it, and then bring it to me.”

While she no longer sells baseball cards, there are some other collectibles on site, as well as toys, books, videos, musical instruments and just about anything else you might find in retail establishments.

She rented the building for the first two years, be­fore eventually buying it. The upstairs room opened in 2012.

Another feature of Bizzy B’s (Belle is her middle name) is a flea market that she now hosts on the side­walk in front of her busi­ness on the first Saturday of each month from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. That when ven­dors sell their own items, including food. The store it­self is open the first and third Saturdays from 8 until 1 and on Mondays, Tues­days, Wednesdays, Fridays from 8:30 a.m. until 4 pm.

Those wishing to talk to Vanderwalker about selling their items on consignment can come at any time, al­though some do call ahead. She stores the items in a work area until she can price and display them.Van­derwalker invites all to stop by her business at 194 Hopper Avenue just across the street from Commercial Bank in DeKalb, or to give her a call at 601-743-2764 if they have any questions.

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