Big crowd attends CHIN’s Lunch and Learn


The Ruby Rankin Farmer’s Market Building hosted a large crowd on Tuesday as part of CHIN’s (Community Health Im­provement Network) Lunch and Learn series.

Beverly Knox, president of CHIN, has been pleased with the number of these type events that have been offered in Neshoba and Lauderdale counties, as well as in Meridian and Marion. There have been 20 such events with an av­erage of about 12 shots given at each one. It was a time of facts, questions/answers, and free food.

This was the first offering in Kemper County where participants could learn about COVID vaccinations and free vaccines were of­fered. Commercial Bank sponsored the luncheon as John C. Stennis Hospital provided free Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vac­cines.

Jessie Hardy, a Nurse Practitioner from the Rush clinic made the presenta­tion before the large group. COVID myths and misinformation was dis­cussed. These sessions are vital to the public since there is so much misinfor­mation through social media and other ill-in­formed sources. Even if the participants of Tues­day’s event were fully vac­cinated, the brochures that were given might encour­age others to consider vaccination if shared. Facts that Hardy mentioned were:

— Vaccines are safe dur­ing pregnancy

— The vaccines are safe, and they do protect you

— Nothing is injected through the shot such as a chip, a live virus, or changes to the DNA

— The vaccine does not prevent COVID, but it does keep you out of the hospital and off a ventila­tor

— Even if you have had COVID, you still need a vaccine to be protected.

— The booster shot is recommended.

The Rush clinic in DeKalb does offer the Moderna vaccine on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If anyone has questions or is interested in other of­ferings provided through CHIN, you may contact Beverly Knox at 601 483 2661 or or P.O. Box 1889, Meridian, MS 39302.  

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