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Another year has rolled through the calendar


Christmas and “New Year’s” seem to come more rapidly as one gets older. The year 2021 has been a year of challenges and thankfulness. I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and the best in 2022.

The following poem was written by Reverend Franklin McLelland, whose family once lived in the Kipling community. I thought you might enjoy a poem of humor and truth that he wrote about old Santa.


If Santa was growing older and his health was slipping past, Perhaps he’d have a wish list and for these things he might ask: If Santa’s eyesight became dim, he’d declare to them this charge: That children write their Christmas list with letters super large. Perhaps Santa had his checkup, and the news was not so good – With sugar and cholesterol high from eating the wrong food. Perhaps he delivers toys to tots at Christmas time and thinks: “Kiddies, leave me sugar-free cookies , lo-fat milk or diet drinks.” Santa’s dentures can’t take hard candy; and

leave off the soda pop. Leave the light on in the bathroom -- Santa makes more “frequent stops.” The presents would be lighter ‘cause there’s arthritis in his hips, And he sure could use some lotion for his dry skin and chapped lips. Santa’s low-sodium diet would require un-salted nuts if you please; Heat wraps for swollen ankles and gelled insoles for bunioned feet. Leave Santa a bottle of eye-drops for his problem with dry eyes, And a heating pad for his aching back would be a nice surprise. Santa’s wardrobe might look different from so many years ago. His suit might be a might tighter from the extra pounds that show. Santa might have let his belt out a notch or two or three, Or he might wheeze a bit from placing gifts beneath the tree. For certain Santa is remembered for leaving gifts that aim to please. He’s done it every Christmas eve and that while children sleep. So may your days be merry and your holiday safe and bright.

Merry Christmas to you all, and to all of you, good night!

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