BookTrib’s Bites: Four Captivating Summer Reads


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DraftDaft Mejora’s Infinite Madness by Karl Dehmelt

America, 2021: an alien known as the Daft One washes ashore in Florida, arriving on a particular planet undergoing strange times. The only knowledge the Daft One has of earth comes from the Internet, where daily life and technology mix in startling, violent ways. However, rather than finding existence “on the ground” to be more serene and logical, the Daft One befriends the son of a Q-Anon supporting State Representative and finds himself in a country torn along political lines amidst conflicting realities.

 When the Daft One saves the State Representative from a shooter, his launch to American stardom through his quick trigger finger and acerbic tongue catapults him and his friends through a world where the Internet and daily life merge, resulting in a terrifyingly real odyssey based in satire, celebrity, and connection, with consequences both shockingly absurd and stunningly human. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and wherever books are sold. Purchase at

CrashCrash Course by Ricardo Jimenez

Nine times out of ten, the passionate, well-educated, semi-cocky entrepreneur with dreams of taking the market by storm . . . fails. But don’t we have as much or more to learn from entrepreneurs who have failed as we do the lucky few who actually make it?

Entrepreneur Ricardo Jimenez crawls out from under the wreckage of his failed startup and explores how his best-laid plans went so terribly wrong. With surgical precision, Jiménez studies every decision, meeting, step, and misstep that turned his international toy company into an expensive lesson in how not to succeed.

Jiménez puts his whole story on display—the good, the bad, and the terrible—with the hope that the next generation of startup entrepreneurs can learn from his mistakes and take a pain-free shortcut to the important lessons he had to learn the hard way. Purchase at

The goldenThe Golden Warrior by Soraya Rose

In The Golden Warrior, Cassius, a slave and gladiator of much renown, receives a visit from his long-departed father.  After his father's visit, Cassius begins to realize that he has gifts given from the gods that are beyond his skills as a gladiator.

The more that Cassius develops his gifts, the more he begins to undertake a journey of not only self-reflection, but also a journey to see the world and people around him in a new light.  With each step he takes, he learns who he can trust to help him, who seeks to do him harm, and learns what it is that he stands for. Purchase at

KaboomerKaboomer by David Emerson Frost

Does poor physical fitness, flagging sexual health, fatigue, brain fog, or a life-sapping disease make you feel like you’ve lost it? Embrace proven and practical steps for your anti-aging journey from Master Fitness Trainer, Life Coach, and Rowing Champion David Frost in KABOOMER: Thriving and Striving into Your Nineties.

 Filled with lasting lessons for longevity, this science-driven and sweat-proven manual will coach readers toward a happy, healthy lifestyle. With this guide, readers will discover and establish their:

  • Personalized healthy habits for good-to-great stamina, strength, stability, and stretching.
  • Live-to-100 diet plan to lose weight, improve gut health and body composition, and boost immunity while fighting inflammation and illness.
  • “Motion as medicine” with effective exercises and strength training to diminish pain and limit cognitive decline.
  • Enhanced libido and sexual performance for better pleasure without a prescription.
  • Restorative sleep and de-stress power practices to cheat death, and much more.

Purchase at

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