Supervisors approve upcoming holidays


The Kemper County board of supervisors approved two holidays for the month of November during their Monday meeting.

Supervisors declared November 11 as the Veterans Day, and November 26 and 27 as the Thanksgiving holidays for county employees.
During their meeting, supervisors voted to:
•Approve the minutes from the previous meeting, and the claims docket;
•Accept the October 2020 meal log for the Kemper-Neshoba Regional jail. Supervisors also approved paying the expenses from the sheriff’s department for the month, and the purchase of a tag;
•An order seeking quotes on cleaning the Courthouse, the Senior Citizens Building and the administration building due to COVID-19, Supervisors also considered whether to install plexiglass; and,
•Approve an order removing Latisha Campbell from the deputy clerk position and hiring her as purchasing clerk.

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