Week features debate over Critical Race Theory bill


This was the ninth week of the 2022 Legislative Ses­sion. The deadline for House committees to re­port general bills originat­ing from the Senate oc­curred Tuesday, March 1 at 8 p.m. Any Senate bills that did not make it out of committees died. Mem­bers began working on these Senate bills on the House floor, and the dead­line for these bills to be passed is next Wednesday, March 9.

The most debated bill that was taken up in the House was Senate Bill 2113. The bill would pro­hibit any school in Missis­sippi from teaching that any individual or group is superior or inferior to an­other based on race, sex, ethnicity or religion. The bill’s short title was labeled “to prohibit Critical Race Theory,” a hot-button issue across the country. Propo­nents of the bill said the bill would prevent discrimina­tion in schools, while the opposition argued that passing the bill could pre­vent Mississippi and Amer­ican History from being told truthfully. After more than six hours of debate, seventeen failed amend­ments and sixteen mem­bers speaking on the bill, SB 2113 passed the House by a vote of 75-43. The bill was then held on a motion to reconsider.

The House will continue to work on bills originating from the Senate until the deadline next Wednesday. All Senate bills approved by the House will be sent back with changes to the Senate where they can con­cur with the changes or in­vite conference.

Conference was invited on House Bill 530, or the START Act of 2022. This teacher pay raise bill was taken up in the Senate late on Tuesday, where the Sen­ate introduced a strike-all amendment and inserted the language from their own bill. The final details of the bill will not be decided until conference.

On Thursday, the House recognized the Mississippi State Baseball team for winning the 2021 NCAA National Championship. Earlier in the session, House Concurrent Resolu­tion 8 was passed, com­mending the team on their accomplishment.

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