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Transitioning your summer wardrobe for Fall


Not quite ready to put away those summer fashions? Not to worry. There are ways that you can still wear those cute summer styles into fall without having to worry about the cooler weather. Fall into the cooler weather by jazzing up these summer fashions.


*Mini Skirts and Summer skirts


These short, short summer skirts and summer skirts can be transitioned into fall wearable fashions. All you have to do is simply add tights or leggings underneath those short skirts or dresses. You can even throw on a pair of ankle length booties or knee length boots to give them some added fall flair.




Shorts are another great summer feature. Just because summer is over it doesn’t mean that it is the end of shorts. Shorts can be worn all year. To take those summer shorts into fall, you have several options. These options, of course, depend on the type of shorts that you are planning on wearing. For a more casual look, add a sweatshirt on top or a long sleeve tee shirt and your tennis shoes. Khaki shorts and those that are tailored can be transformed into a more refined look. Add tights and a nice blouse or a blazer to those tailored shorts and create a formal look. You can also add a pair of loafers or heels and some accent jewelry to complete the look.


*Maxi dresses or sheaths


Those maxi dresses and sheaths can be worn during the cooler months. Wear light weight, sheer, long-sleeve undershirts beneath these dresses to create sleeves and a touch of class and intrigue for the fall. You can also wear these with blazers, cardigans, and sweater capes.


*Sleeveless blouses


Sleeveless blouses can also benefit from sheer long sleeve undershirts, shrugs, and cardigans. You can also wear these blouses underneath a blazer to give them added style.

Summer is over, but it doesn’t mean you have to put away all of your summer fashions just yet. By adding cardigans and long, sleeve undershirts to sleeveless shirts, blouses, and dresses, you can continue to wear those summer shirts into the fall. Tights and leggings can help shorts make the transition from summer to fall. No matter what your style, you continue to wear many of your summer fashions despite the cooler weather.

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