The Fifties are more than a number at KA


The sounds of the 1950s were wafting down the hall of the ele­mentary building at Kemper Academy on Thursday morning as the youngest of the school’s students were celebrating the 50th day of school.

“That’s something Miss Wendy started,” said K4 teacher Misty Robinson, of Kindergarten teacher Wendy Wade. “It’s a fun way to work on the number 50 and also to get our students in­volved in celebrating.” She said that there are also celebrations planned for the 100th day of school.

“The children and their parents really get involved and help make it a success,” she said. “They wear poodle skirts and leather jackets and try to wear their hair in ‘50s style.”

Robinson, who has been part of this celebration for the past five years, said that she, Wade and K3 teacher Michelle Copeland all ask about Fonzie — one of the stars of the ‘Happy Days’ Sitcom about the 1950s — but are usually met with blank stares. “That’s little ahead of their time,” she said. “We try to show them some quick things to help them under­stand more about that time.”

She said they also play sock-hop music and some old time rock and roll. “They really enjoy that,” she said.

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