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EDITOR’S NOTE: We are all saddened by the death of longtime writer of the Kipling News, Janie McWilliams. Janie took over writing the Kipling News on August 4, 1988. She loved writing and sharing about her community. She will be missed by not only the Kipling community, but everyone that enjoyed her articles. She was 96 years old. Her very first article follows this note. Hope you enjoy and as she always said "Thank You for reading the Kipling News!"

For many years, Nona Quarles wrote the Kipling News but since her death about five weeks ago we have had no one to write our community news. Many people were asked to do so, but each said they were too busy. I also said I was too busy, but changed my mind.

I remember how busy Nona was, and along with her busy schedule she had to fight her life threatening sickness every day of her life.

So that's why I changed my mind. I probably won't be good at this, probably never will, but I will do the best I can.

James Hoyt is home now, after a week's stay in Riley's Hospital in Meridian. James suffered a heart attack about 10 days ago, but is doing fine according to his wife Rachel.

Esther Smith is feeling better too. She was in Meridian Hospital for a few days but is back home. Esther enjoyed a recent visit from Lois and Al Gully, their daughter Jesse Holmes Brown from Grenada and Willie and Woddie Jones of Macon.

Jason and Ryan, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wade of Carthage spent last weekend with their grandparents, Robert and Nelda Wade.

Rev and Mrs Perrin Cook have returned to their Atlanta home after spending 2 weeks at their Kemper Retreat.

Mr. and Mrs. Robby Wade entertained son Adam with a spend the night birthday party. Several friends and relatives attended. Adam is now 8 years old.

Alisha Caperton enjoyed a recent M.Y.F. trip to Disney World in Orlando, FL. Amanda Caperton along with more Kemper children enjoyed a church camp on the campus of E.M.J.C.

All the news about Patsy Sage is good. Patsy was involved in a very bad automobile accident, went into a coma, and only in the last week began to come out of it. The doctors had told her family she would never awaken, but with prayers she will in the near future be able to return home.

For a lesson in courage, you need to look no further than Christine Bates. She is a very talented musician. Several months ago, without warning she began to lose her sight, until she was almost blind. She refused to feel sorry for herself and wanted to get on with her life. About a month ago, she came back to church and took her place at the organ and is playing more beautiful than ever. She is an inspiration to us all at Center Ridge church and the whole community.

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