Supes approve expenses


By Steve Swogetinsky

The Kemper Messenger

The Kemper County board of supervisors took several actions during their Monday meeting.

Supervisors voted to:

• Approve the minutes from the previous meeting. They also approved the claims docket and the county pay roll;

• Accept the meal logs from the Kemper County jail;

• Approve the expenses incurred by the Kemper County sheriff’s department during July;

• Approve the purchase of some shelves for the Circuit Clerk’s office after hearing a presentation from Shirley Steele-Jackson;

• Approve the payment of $2.35 to the Supreme Count’s office of finance to settle an inventory issue concerning an old printer;

  Approve a legal advertisement to be published in The Kemper County Messenger concerning the location of medical sharps drop-offs; and,

• Approve a software support agreement with Delta Computer Systems, providing coverage for the different offices of the county.

Supervisors went into executive session to discuss an economic development matter.

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