Supervisors making plans


County engineer Terrell Temple told the Kemper County Board of Supervisors something they already new all to well during Monday morning’s work session of the board.


“We’ve had a really bad year as far as weather goes and our ability to get as much done as we wanted to,” he said. But despite those woes more than $860K worth of work was completed on county roads, with more than $1.2M in allocated funds from the 2021 budget year still remaining to be spent.


While the supervisors were anxious to get that remaining work done immediately, Temple cautioned that with inclement winter weather — cold and wetness — coming that completely repaving or resealing roads was not practical and could possibly be ineffective.


His suggest to the board that they make plans to immediately do things that can be done effectively and would be more sustainable during the winter months, such as leveling roads. Leveling mens pouring asphalts into damaged area of the roads, such as where ruts have become evident.

“That gives is a smooth surface and makes to road better,” Temple said.


“I like getting as much as we can get done during the winter so that in the spring we can hit the ground running,” said District 1 Supervisor and board president Pat Granger.


The board noted to Temple that the funding was not an issue, because it was already in place and needed monies had also been designated for roadwork needed to be performed in 2022.


Temple gave the board a list of roads that he suggested be on the list to be “leveled” and asked that they come up with a list of roads they thought should be added to the work plan. It is expected that list will be presented and approved at next Monday’s regularly scheduled board meeting.


In other action taken at the work session, which was also a recessed meeting from last week’s regularly scheduled meeting:


— Approved the agenda. (3-0) (District 4 Supervisor Mike Luke and District 5 Supervisor Chris Cole absent).


— Approved an order to purchase a pre-manufactured freestanding carport from Graceland Building in the amount of $3,250 for the Kemper County Sheriff’s Department from the building and grounds fund. (3-0)


— Approved an order approving a pay increase for Kashia Benoman who works in the tax collector office due to her achieving her certificate of education recognition from the Education and Certificate Board. It would be effective Oct. 1. (3-0).

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