Students visited by air medical helicopter


The students of Sherry Clemons-Hopson’s Health Sciences second year class and the Law and Public Safety students stood in awe on Sept. 2 as they watched the PHI Air Medical Group helicopter land in the field behind the Career Technical Center. 

Students were met by the pilot and an all female flight paramedic team. The students were shocked to see how little space was available inside the cabin, pretty cramped. Students learned about what makes a nurse paramedic in a helicopter different from a nurse paramedic in an ambulance. 

The ambulance service was also in the field that day. Students were able to learn about the requirements of EMTs. The paramedic and the driver both play an important role when assisting people in emergency situations. It is very important that they remain calm in stressful situations. 

The students enrolled in Health Sciences also participated in a blood drive on September 14. Students gained hands-on experience collecting blood donations at the KCHS Gymnasium. 

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