Sheriff says trees near prison causing Issues


 An obviously frustrated Kem­per County Sheriff James Moore told the Kemper County Board of Supervisors on during their recessed meet­ing on Monday that the trees surrounding the Kemper/Neshoba County Re­gional Correction Facility were hazardous to the inmates and the correctional officers be­cause they were being used as an avenue to get contraband into the prison.

Moore brought a duffle bag full of cellphones, tobacco, marijuana, and other contra­band to show the board the type of items that are at­tempted to be slipped into the prison on a daily basis.

He held up a bag of mari­juana and said “This is proba­bly $7,000 right here,” Moore said. “These cell phones are sold for as much as $1,000 each. This is big business.”

He reminded the Board of Supervisors that he had come before them multiple times and has been asking for “at least a year” for the trees to be removed. He said those at­tempting to get the stuff in­side can slip up right to the fences without being de­tected.

“This is killing me,” Moore said. “Something has got to be done. This is not a joke. This is very serious. These phones are headed for gang members inside. We are trying to make sure the inmates, the community, and the deputies are safe. Something has to be done. Even if I have to go do it myself, and then come back and deal with (the board), something has to be done.”

The board asked Road Man­ager Glenn Williams when he could get somebody on get­ting the trees removed and he said he could get it started that afternoon. Sheriff Moore confirmed on Tuesday after­noon that work had begun.

There was some discussion about how far the trees could be cleaned without getting on adjacent property.

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