First Things First

Research  your vote  carefully


There is some debate among local political pundits as to what kind of voter turnout there will be for Tuesday’s special election run-off for the District 32 seat in the Mississippi State Senate.

Many are saying the next State Senator — whether it be Minh Duong or Rod Hickman — will be determined by a relatively small portion of the electorate. That is likely true.

The decision to be made is whether or not YOU are going to be part of that electorate. Whoever turns out to vote on Tuesday, whether it be a small number, an average number, or a huge one, will be who

decides who represents us in Jackson.

It is my thought process that is not a newspaper’s responsibility to tell its readers how to vote, but to educate them on who and what they are voting on.

Elsewhere on this page you will see an article that contains seven questions devised to help you, the voters, understand how both candidates stand on some key issues. Are those all of the pertinent questions that could have been asked? Of course not.

If you have questions you want answered that are not listed in the article, then call the campaign of both candidates yourself and ask those questions. That’s actually a pretty good way of finding out how responsive they will be to the people. If a political candidate is not going to respond to you while they need your vote, it’s not likely they will be in a hurry to call you back later. That’s just the hard truth.

Find out as much you can about each person and their philosophies and core beliefs. It is those two things that they will lean upon to cast each and every vote while in Jackson representing you and the rest of Kemper County.

Learn what you can, make an informed decision, then vote.

Austin Bishop is editor and publisher of the Kemper County Messenger. He and his wife Barbara took over ownership of the newspaper on Oct. 1, 2021. Bishop, who has worked in the journalism field for 45 years, is also pastor of Great Commission Assembly of God in Philadelphia. He can be reached by email at starsportsboss@

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