Plan calls for restructuring Kemper elementary schools


By Steve Swogetinsky

Kemper Messenger

The Kemper County School District will hold a district-wide meeting Monday at 6 p.m. at the West Kemper Elementary School library.

Superintendent Hilute Hudson will explain a proposed plan which would combine the students and teachers from West Kemper and East Kemper elementary schools while keeping both buildings open.

Under the proposal, the district is considering putting students in grades Pre k through third grade in the East Kemper facility in Scooba. The school will be renamed Kemper County Lower Elementary School.

Grades 4-6 will go to what is now West Kemper Elementary School in DeKalb. The school will be renamed Kemper County Upper Elementary School.

A committee has been meeting for several months, looking for ways to improve Kemper County's elementary schools. This plan would put the staffs by grades together thus promoting more of a team teaching effort. He said combining the two schools would ease problems with staffing and class room space.

Hudson went over the plan with the Kemper County School Board last Thursday during its regular meeting. He wants to get the word out to the public through the meeting.

"I am sure many parents will have questions and concerns about the possible restructuring plan of our elementary schools," Hudson said. "I am eager to discuss this and gather their input and insight."

Hudson expects transportation to be a big question.

"We feel that we have answers to the No. 1 concern of most parents, which is transportation," Hudson said. "I just want us to have an open and constructive dialogue about the future of our children's education and what we can do today to lend itself to their success."

Hudson said that all of the bus routes have been considered. Students on the west side of the county who would be going to the old East Kemper school, would travel to the West Kemper school where a designated bus would carry them to East Kemper.

"I believe that the best is yet to come for our school district," said Hudson. "We are keeping the things that works well for us and making serious commitment and changes for the betterment of our students, schools and community."

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