Outdoors page yours to enjoy


Welcome to the first edition of the Kemper County Messenger’s new monthly outdoor page.

While this week’s page consists mostly of this story, a story on Chronic Deer Wasting Disease and a submitted photo from a local hunter, the vision for what this can become reaches much deeper than what you are now holding in your hands.

The idea behind this page is that it be FULL of local hunting and fishing photos and also include stories about outdoors activities written by you the readers.

If you have an interesting tale you would like to share then feel free to e-mail it to me personally at starsportsboss@yahoo.com or to the newspaper directly at office@kempercountymessenger.com.

If there are stories of interest you would like us to look into to write about please text editor/publisher Austin Bishop directly at 601-743-5760 or use one of the afore-mentioned e-mail addresses.

If more photos come in than we can publish in one issue a month, then we will consider running the outdoors page more often.

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