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Old Photos bring back many memories


Cleaning out an office leads to a lot of interesting discoveries. For us at the Kemper County Messenger it meant finding hundreds of old photos, some in color and many in black-and-white that had been used, but had not been returned to their owners.

Many were damaged and had to be tossed out, but the rest we decided to hold on to and make an effort to get them back where they belong.

The two photos you see as part of this package on the front page of this week’s paper are an example of what was left behind. Also, we dedicated three pages of this week’s paper — pages A12 through A14 to display some of the photos. Obviously there is no identification under the photos, we are just putting them out there for you to enjoy.

If you would like one of the photos you see, or know someone who would, then just have them contact Morgan Sorrels at the Kemper County Messenger office at 601-743-5760 to set up an appointment to pick them up. Obviously we couldn’t print all of the photos, so we just pulled a few examples out of the boxes we had them collected in to give the readers an idea of what we have. If you would like to come and go through the photos yourself, just call Morgan and set up an appointment.

Here’s another interesting twist to this display of photos. We at the Kemper County Messenger love to get our readers and subscribers involved in what we do. After all, this newspaper is about every reader who picks it up, not just the handful of folks who produce it for you.

If you have an interesting story you would like to tell about any of the photos you see in this week’s paper I encourage you to sit down at a computer and write it out and e-mail it to us at and to me personally at While there are no guarantees, you may just wind up seeing the article in print in a future issue of the paper next to the photo that is the subject of your story.

Either way, I hope you enjoy the short trip down memory lane we are providing for you today and please set up a time to come pay a visit to the newspaper office and help us get these photos back to their rightful owners.

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