New Scooba playground dedicated


It was easy to note in the face and voice of Scooba Mayor Craig Nave Jr. the pride and sense of accom­plishment he felt as he looked over the new playground that stands be­hind his community’s town Hall.

“I am almost 32 years old and this is the first playground I can ever re­member being here in Scooba,” Nave said. “I appreciate what the county and all of the volunteers have done to make this hap­pen.”

Many elected officials, in­cluding District 1 Supervisor Pat Granger was in atten­dance. “This is very impor­tant,” he said. “They (the children and youth) need something to do and some­where to go. I’m glad we were able to do this.”

Kemper County adminis­trator/chancery clerk Shir­lene Watkins was able to locate the needed funds and through the help of the Kemper County Board of Supervisors the park was able to be constructed.

“It is my Honor to be a part of this,”

The Park, which includes several pieces of play­ground equipment as well as a basketball goal, has been open for several weeks, but the grand open­ing had been delayed for various reasons.

Both Nave and Granger said there were plans to ex­pand the park. At its last monthly meeting the Scooba Board of Aldermen approved the purchase of a second basketball goal. A playing surface will also be put down as well. That is being delayed until both goals can be put in place.

The board has also been discussing the purchase of benches and picnic tables as well.

“We want this to be a place families and citizens can gather together,” Nave said.

Elected officials attending the celebration were Nave, Granger, Watkins, Scooba Alderman Kelvin Brown, Cir­cuit Clerk Shirley Jackson and Tax Assessor/Collector Jocelyn Robertson.

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