Nearly $14K raised by groups, churches for Relay for Life


When the effects of the Coronavirus became evident, the 2020 campaign year of Relay for Life had just begun.  

This meant no money-making campaigns, events, or meetings.  

However, “Cancer never sleeps.” Plans for volunteer contributions became important.  Approximately $14,000 was sent to the American Cancer Society from Kemper County churches, teams, individuals, and memorials.  

The groups who raised over $1000 were DeKalb Baptist Church, Weems, New Hope Methodist, Big Oak Methodist, and Blackwater Baptist Church.  

Five donations of over $1000 each were also presented from Mississippi Power, Atmos Energy, Mississippi Care Center,and Janelle and James Key, Jr.  We appreciate these wonderful contributors and look forward to 2021 being a successful and happy year.

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