Missing signs big problem throughout county


According to County Road Manager, Glenn Williams, missing roads signs are a big problem throughout the county, which has been an ongoing issue for a long time, creating safety issues, as well as a financial burden to the county.

Williams stated that some of the roads in Kemper County are not recognized on GPS, and employees of the ambulance service don’t know the roads well, as they are not county residents, and this could create a potential life or death situation, a feeling that was shared by supervisors and Sheriff James Moore, as well.

Williams added that he has placed three orders for replacement signs within the past four months, and usu­ally orders about 25 signs at a time. The signs cost $37 each, and factoring in the time required for road crews to replace them, the cost over a year’s time be­comes substantial.

District 3 Supervisor Scott Johnson stated that he has had to replace 100 signs in his district alone, in the two years he has been in office. He added that there is also a problem with stop signs being taken, which could be a real problem for people approaching intersections who are unfamiliar with the roads.

Sheriff Moore stated that he believes it is mostly ju­veniles taking the signs, but there is evidence of adults taking signs, as well. Some arrests have been made, but the problem continues.

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