Massive fire at coal plant


From staff reports

A massive fire at the Kemper County coal plant caused major damage last Wednesday morning.

No flammable materials such as coal or natural gas were involved in the fire and no injuries were reported., officials said.

The Philadelphia Fire Department responded with five firefighters and Ladder 1, according to Fire Chief Pierce Clark. The Meridian Fire Department and firefighters from Key Field responded as well to assist Kemper Couty volunteers and plant employees.

Kemper County Sheriff James Moore confirmed the 3 a.m. fire on social media before dawn.

“It was a massive fire but thankfully no materials (meaning flammable material like coal or gas) were involved and the fire was not a threat to public safety,” Moore told the Messeenger.

The fire was extinguished before 10 a.m., officials said.

State Rep. Mike Evans of Preston and a volunteer firefighter said he made the calls for mutual aid from the surrounding departments and is grateful.

"Everyone of them said 'tell us what you need and it is on the way,'" he said in a Facebook post Wednesday evening.

"So on behalf of the Kemper County Fire Service we would like to thank our neighbors to the west and south and let their citizens know they have some good departments that don't mind helping when they are called, " Evans said.

Kemper County firefighters from Damascus, Mt. Nebo, Mt. Sinia responded as well and Evans thanked them.

"Sheriff James Moore, Ben Dudley, and all the employees at the plant," he continued. "I am proud to be a part of the group."

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