Local homemaker clubs display creations on courthouse lawn


Malika Jones was pleased with the participa­tion and the variety of the entries in this year’s Cul­tural Arts exhibit held out­side the Kemper County Courthouse on March 29.. There were 15 participants representing the four dif­ferent Homemaker clubs in Kemper County.

Each of the participants were rewarded with at least one blue ribbon with some receiving an invita­tion to represent Kemper County in the State Cul­tural Council to be held at Mississippi State Univer­sity in Starkville during the month of May.. Jones, the MSU Extension agent for Kemper County, also com­mented that her con­stituents across the state are always impressed with the talents and the num­ber of activities this group is involved with. Many councils across the state have been slow to return to “normal” after COVID shutdowns.

Some of the entries were from past workshops that the Extension service of­fered while some ladies entered crafts in which they are interested in and have fun compiling. Jane Smith commented that she just enjoyed wearing and making hats, so one of her entries was a lovely an­imal print hat that she had created. Some of the crafts took months to complete, while others are quicker to accomplish.

This is the list of individ­uals and the category in which they have received an invitation to the State event. Alma Tanksley, painting and drawing (acrylics); Iris Roberts, Ce­ramics (pottery) and Cre­ative Crafts (framed with wire hanger); Julia Bailey, Crochet (Afghans); Jane Smith, Creative Crafts (decorative painting) and Creative Apparel and Ac­cessories (Hats); Mary McIntosh, Ceramics (pot­tery); Glenda Wilson Wood Working (decorated/painted/kit) and Miscellaneous; Kyla Moore Crochet (Gar­ments-Individual piece), Holiday Decoration Easter, Holiday Decoration July 4th, and Holiday Decora­tion Christmas; Lance Jenkins, Wood Working (wood burning); Brenda Wittington Holiday Deco­ration Christmas

You certainly missed an opportunity to see the wares of these talented in­dividuals if you missed this year’s event. There may be a chance to see some of their different crafts again in August.

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