Kemper’s unemployment rate jumps 2.6% in January


Kemper County’s unemployment rate rose 2.6 percentage points during Jan­uary, according to figures from the Mis­sissippi Department of Employment Security.

The unemployment rate in January stood at 6.8 percent. This ended two months of unusually low unemployment rates/ The unemployment rate in De­cember was 4.4 percent and 4.3 percent in November 2021. Still, when com­pared to January 2021, Kemper County’s unemployment rate was .5 per­centage points lower.

This seemed to be the trend in East Mississippi as all nine counties The Mes­senger monitors saw increases in their unemployment rates.

The unemployment rate represents the number of unemployed people as a percentage of the civilian labor force for the county.

The Kemper County work­force was 3,230 people in Jan­uary, a decrease of 60 people when compared to December. There were 210 unemployed people in January, an increase of 60 when compared to last month.

Mississippi’s not seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for January 2022 was 4.8 per­cent, increasing 1.3 percentage points from the previous month’s rate of 3.5 percent.

When compared to the Janu­ary 2021 rate of 6.7 percent, the rate decreased 1.9 percent­age points. The Nation’s unem­ployment rate for January 2022 at 4.4 percent increased seven-tenths of a percentage point over the month but was 2.4 per­centage points lower than the year ago rate of 6.8 percent.

Mississippi’s non-farm em­ployment decreased 15,300 over the month but increased 27,600 over the year.

Industry sectors registering the largest monthly employ­ment losses were Professional & Business Services; Trade, Transportation & Utilities; and Leisure & Hospitality.

For the month of January 2022, 33 counties in Mississippi posted unemployment rates less than or equal to the state’s rate of 4.8 percent. Rankin and Union counties posted the low­est unemployment rate for the month of January at 3.4 percent followed by Lafayette County at 3.6 percent. Jefferson County had the highest unem­ployment rate for January at 16.4 percent followed by Humphreys County at 11.3 per­cent.

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