Kemper County’s ‘trashy’ situation


Kemper County: What does that mean to you?

For me, It’s home. I love living here and I care about what it looks like, both relationally and cosmetically.

I have lived in Kemper County for the better part of 74 years. I moved here in 1948 with my parents who were both teachers, left after college for 25 years and moved back in 1983 by choice.

Having taught school, I’ve made and maintained many friends. There is a great respect on both sides of this friendship. Kemper County ex­hibits a togetherness when it comes to the welfare of the county. I treas­ure this respect for each other.

On the cosmetic side of Kemper, it hurts me to see the disrespect we exhibit toward “home.” As I ride down the roads (and I do like to take different roads to get home), and see all the litter, trash, and garbage that people place/throw out, it hurts my heart to see the inconsideration of some people.

It makes me wonder; do they do this at home? Why can’t they just put the trash in a bag and keep it until they get home? If they choose not to mess up their vehicle with trash they can choose not to mess up the road­side.

When I was teaching, one of the jobs given to my class was to walk the campus and pick up trash. “Not fair” was my response, thinking my class didn’t put it there, why would we have to pick it up? That made a lasting impression on me. Others should NOT be responsible for my mess.

The bottom line to all of this is “care about Kemper,” your home! As far as you are able, let’s show someone how to respect each other in our effort to build a better Kem­per and also help teach others to re­spect our landscape.

Hold the trash until you get home.

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