KCLE third graders continue to show improvements


During the 2014-2015 school year, the State of Mississippi passed legislation that students scoring at the lowest achieve­ment levels in reading on the es­tablished state-wide assessment for third grade would not be pro­moted to fourth grade.

The Literacy Based Promotion Act (LBPA) continues to increase expectations for third grade stu­dents. For students to be at this point at mid-year is outstanding, stated Dr. Jeri Cawthorn, Kem­per Lower Elementary Principal. These students, teachers, and parents have worked hard with students and it shows. First nine weeks, we only had five stu­dents. At mid-year, we have 17 students. Those numbers will continue to grow for the remain­der of the school year.

The English Language Arts as­sessment is comprehensive, meaning that all standards that will be on the state test are tested each nine weeks. Math is a little different. We have to build on math skills through a process. The math benchmark is based only on the standards taught during that nine weeks. These assessments are given at each grade level K-12 to prepare stu­dents for end of year state as­sessments.

The quarterly benchmarks are given in the same manner as a state assessment with an online format complete with test ad­ministrators and proctors in a quiet testing environment to prepare and give students expe­rience for April and May test dates.

Special thanks to Mr. Nathaniel Armistad and Mrs. Kendra Dedeaux Armistad of Armistad Law Firm for purchasing Books A Million Gift Cards for students to continue reading excellence.

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