KA’s Kix Wilson repeats All-Star feat


Kemper Academy’s Kix Wilson has pulled a Michael Jordan, by turning heads on both the hard­wood and the diamond. Wilson was selected for the MAIS All -Star game for basketball earlier this year, and was selected for the MAIS All- Star game for baseball just recently.

Wilson batted .368 with 21 hits on 57 at bats this season with an on base percentage of .446 and a slugging percentage of .509. Wilson scored 22 runs on the year and stole 17 bases.

While Wilson played well on the diamond, it is his character that sticks out to KA Head Coach Colt Kil­patrick. “You won’t find any better as a person”, Kilpatrick says, “He’s a leader on and off the base­ball field”. Wilson is said to be a role model for the majority of the much younger KA team.” The young kids really look up to him”, Kilpatrick says, “He’s making sure every­one is doing right when the coaches aren’t look­ing.”

While the character and leadership stuck out more to Kilpatrick, he also knew Wilson had talent on the field. “I knew he was an all star caliber player”, Kil­patrick says, “ I put a lot of pressure on him… not so much as a player but as an individual.” Wilson is ex­cited to be playing in an­other all star game however he is a bit sur­prised. “It was very spe­cial”, Wilson said, “ didn’t think it would happen for baseball”.

It must be something in the family for Kix, as his cousin, Chase Cawthorn did the same thing years ago. Wilson seemed con­tent with how the season ended, as he was happy with how it began and how the team overcame tough obstacles such as injuries and players quitting, and did their very best with what they had. “It was pretty tough, but we did what we could do”, Wilson says. Wilson’s bond with Kilpatrick is one every player and coach should have, which is a very im­portant piece to success. “He’s about the best coach you can find”, Wilson says, “ He motivates people”. The pressure Kilpatrick claims to have put on Wil­son was Wilson’s motiva­tion to succeed, which Wilson did.

Wilson will play in the game on May 23, at Missis­sippi College in Clinton

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